OPC Franchisees report bumper Christmas greeting cards sales

17 Feb 2017

In 2015 the value of the greetings card market in the UK alone was £1.7 billion with an estimated 900 million Christmas cards sold in boxes and packs, worth a staggering £200 million, (GCA Report 2016).

Now a year later and with the Christmas season just behind us, our franchise network is busy analysing their 2016 Christmas sales data and initial reports of increased sales and personal bests achieved over the Christmas period are being shared with much excitement!

Some of the records this past Christmas period include highest invoiced amount for a single store, highest takings in one day and largest volumes of card and wrap sold. One franchisee had a bumper takings day for her area just the day after Christmas.

The interesting thing about these records is that they are across the board, not all of the reports are from the top-achievers or those with large areas. Indeed, some of our franchisees in smaller areas are also achieving fantastic results.

This is extremely encouraging especially for all our new franchisees joining us this first quarter. Seeing just how profitable our franchise areas are, in particular during the Christmas season, also reinforces our firm belief that the tradition of sending and receiving greeting cards in the UK is still very much an important part of our culture.

We are extremely proud of our franchisees achieving these excellent results – congratulations to everyone.

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