OPC continues enjoying exciting start to 2017 with yet another new franchisee

15 Feb 2017

What a start to the year!

We just finished settling the Aujla Team in place in Birmingham and we’re off to Teeside/Durham to welcome the lovely Beverley Potts into the OPC greeting cards family!

Beverley has worked for the Durham County Council for over 14 years but has always yearned for a something she could do for herself and after a considerable amount of research; she decided that OPC was where she would be able to do just that – work for herself and not by herself.

Dawn Hammond, OPC Business Development Manager is delighted to have Beverley join her team and says, “Beverley has grasped the merchandising principles quickly and demonstrated excellent memory retention when it came to product and displays.”

You should never judge a book by its cover and this is very true of Beverley for beneath her quiet, calm and confident exterior lies a more fearless individual, one who swapped her horses for a little bit more vroom - her Ducati or Honda VFR!

Jasper, Beverley’s beloved cat has recently been patiently awaiting Beverley’s safe return – not from zooming up and down the UK on her motorbikes but from her operational training at OPC Support Office. She has just completed her field training this week with Dawn and word is she’s doing very well indeed.

The OPC Team wish Beverley all the very best in her franchise and we look forward to celebrating her future achievements.

Previous franchisees, Malcolm and Jill Massey have been with OPC for many, many years and we wish them a fond farewell and our very best wishes for their future.

For over a quarter of a century, the World’s leading distributor of greeting cards, The Original Poster Company (OPC), has been selling our high-profit margin, quality product through a wide variety of convenience stores – both independent and members of national groups. In the UK, these would be groups like Costcutter, Booker and Spar, etc.

With the IGD and the GCA reporting that both the greeting cards and convenience sector industries are growing, our franchisees not only benefit from this continued growth but also from a proven and simple business model. We operate using the sale or return (consignment) method - a very attractive offer to retailers as the retailer only pays for what they have sold!

All our home-based, management franchise opportunities are established profitable businesses which include stock, cash flow and customers so you can start earning an income from Day One and also achieve that very desirable work/life balance.

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