OPC Franchisees Reap the Benefits of New Systems

15 Aug 2016

We’re barely past the half way mark of 2016 and already we’ve celebrated our 25th birthday, welcomed new franchisees, settled in Keith, our new Financial Controller, helped a number of our franchisees purchase their second territory and launched our long awaited cloud and iPad based consignment system - phew!

We just caught our breath during Easter before we begun the roll-out of the new systems, ConsignPak and FAST, to our franchise network in May and are we pleased with the result!  We already have 12 franchisees on board – fully operational and we’ve scheduled everyone else in before end October.  All the franchisee has to do is order their iPad.

Andrew Cutler, our National Sales and Franchise Manager has been around the country visiting various franchisees to get their feedback so far.

Judit Folinek – West Kent & Canterbury

“I don’t have to use a calculator and there is never any miscalculation. It’s quicker and looks more professional, there is never any mess on the invoice where I have had to make corrections.”

Roz Weltman – Brentwood

“The nicest thing is to go home and put the cards away knowing that the paperwork is already done. There is no paperwork! It’s quicker in the shop as well; you’re not writing anything out or adding anything up.  If you find a card after you have written everything up, it is so easy to edit the invoice before confirming the document, unlike the corrections on the paper invoices.”

Glyn & Maureen Richards – Swansea/Hereford

“It’s amazing how much time it saves. We would usually be on the drive home, thinking about inputting invoices onto our system and the admin we would have to do at the end of the week but now we don’t have to as when we get home it is already done and by the time we log on to ‘FAST’ the information is already there. I don’t need to spend time over the weekend preparing the invoices and delivery notes for the next week, by stamping pages and pages of invoices to leave with the customers.”

David Hyde – Banbury

“The system has a professional look and it’s much quicker in store now as the automatic calculation of invoices eliminates mistakes. I don’t miss preparing Sales Reports and the access to the sales history is immediately available in a good view format that will allow me to plan for development in the future. I don’t have to enter stock sold at the end of each day – it’s all there for me!”

Here's Andrew Cutler, our National Sales and Franchise Manager with David on their first day out training. It wasn't long at all before David was invoicing away quite happily.








We've had some great suggestions from our franchisees too and we hope to implement them in the next release. That's the great thing about being part of a franchise - you get to share best practices!

Rolling out the new system has been very rewarding indeed – for both franchisor and franchisee and we’re so glad we took our time in choosing the right technology for this project. 

The new systems are proving extremely simple to set up, train and operate and as a result, we have had very few teething problems.

Right from the get go we also decided to help our franchisees with the initial administrative task of loading their National Account stores and now, with the sales history going back to January 2015 pre-loaded onto the systems, franchisees are finding it easier to analyse sales history within these stores. 

With the introduction of, amongst other updates, a margin calculator, in the next release, they won’t have to wait too long to help retailers further increase their profits on OPC products.

Pictured below on the left is Eleanor, a member of the Welsh Family, OPC North East. They were quick to recognise the value of the ConsignPak/FAST system in particular the time it would save them in store and with their administrative requirements.

To the right, that big smile belongs to one of our new franchisees for 2016, Debbie Grice, OPC Suffolk pictured here using ConsignPak as part of her training. Debbie was one of the first franchisees to complete her training with OPC without the traditional invoice pad in use.


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