Amy's journey with OPC so far …

17 Jun 2016

It’s already been six months since I entered into my first role in franchising having come from a large technology company and it has been a huge learning curve for me!

Whilst my new role has been a period of big change for me, it’s been an exciting period of change for OPC too, and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the nationwide roll-out of our new cloud and iPad based invoicing system called ConsignPak – and I love it.

To be honest, with the wide variety of greeting card ranges OPC offers, it seemed for the first two months that I would never learn the names of all the different ranges and I constantly referred to Elephant House, our blank photographic range as Animal House confusing everyone as our long-time best-selling range is called Animal Magic!

The best bit of my past six months has to be meeting and spending time with the franchisees in my area – or my Southern team as I have come to call them.  They have all helped me settle in and continue to be a great source of information and handy tips on product, merchandising and all other aspects of the business.  

As a result, I’ve settled in really quickly and now I too can recognise what a good profitable display looks like.  It just goes to show how extensive the knowledge and support within a franchise network can be and how powerful the franchise business model is.

Just as I began to recognise our products and displays in stores with more ease, OPC launched the roll out of ConsignPak which meant I could now put my knowledge to use with new technology - I was in my element!  

It has been such fun being part of the testing and roll-out of the new system and it’s so rewarding to see franchisees not only embrace the technology but start reaping the benefits it brings to their businesses immediately – from the very first store they merchandise.

I think if I had to think of a downside to the job, I think it would be the traffic.  It seems to follow me everywhere in the South but … ever resourceful, I’ve listed my favourite hotels, the routes to avoid in rush hour and most importantly – I finally have a coffee cup holder for my car.

With the support of my franchisees and the team at Support Office, I can’t help but feel excited about being in franchising.  As my confidence in the role continues to grow, I can only look forward to seeing what my Southern team and I, together with the rest of the OPC franchise network, can achieve.

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