Celebrating good news this Spring at OPC Greeting Cards!

10 May 2016

Spring has sprung! Well it certainly has here at The Original Poster Company (OPC)!

We have new franchisees arriving through our doors, current franchisees snapping up second territories and … we’re very excited about our long awaited online consignment invoicing and franchise sales analysis system which launched on 3 May.

Franchisee News

We welcomed in the New Year with Judit Folinek joining us having taken over the Canterbury franchise in December.

Coming from Hungary, Judit not only had to learn the ropes of our greeting cards franchise but she also had to contend with driving on the left hand side of the road for the first time and figure out the complexities of roundabouts - all whilst driving a van for the first time too! Quite a challenge when you’re trying to merchandise stores and launch your new business.

Now we’ve shared many a funny story about Judit’s driving adventures but, despite the good-natured joking, Judit has not only managed to greatly improve her driving but she has, in her words, finally ‘put the pieces together’ in her business and is now not only working hard to achieve her goals – she’s planning for the future for her family too.

“There’s still a lot to do,” says Judit, “… and we are only just starting to get back up to the previous sales levels after the initial chaos but we really do love the business!” So much so in fact that Judit has involved her partner Norbert Folbes in the franchise too with his own territory – West Kent!

We’re super-proud of you Judit and Norbert and all you have achieved in six short months. We wish you every success in your franchise territories … and of course, continued success with the driving!

Congratulations Judit and Norbert, OPC Franchisees for Canterbury and West Kent

We have also had brand new franchisees join us too - Rod Lane and Michelle Simms, OPC Peterborough who take over from Steve Williams.

Rod was previously a fencing contractor for over 10 years and together with Michelle, they are looking forward to working for themselves in an OPC greeting card franchise.

The UK greeting cards industry is one of the most successful greeting card industries in the World at nearly £1.6 billion being spent on single cards per annum, (2015 GCA), making it a highly lucrative industry.

Results like these demonstrate that business is still good for traditional greeting cards providers like The Original Poster Company (OPC).

Debbie Edwards and Paul Bennett realised this when they decided to purchase the Suffolk territory.

Debbie and Paul were both serving police officers and we’re sure this dynamic duo will make a great team working together to build their franchise.

The growth in the cards industry and the convenience sector, (up 1.5%, IGD), shows us why new franchisees like Rod, Michelle, Debbie and Paul and existing franchisees like Judit, Norbert, Glynn and Maureen choose to join the OPC network and why the myth that online greeting card websites (only 5% of the UK greetings card market, GCA), will replace traditional greeting card purchases from retailers, is simply untrue.

Our heartfelt congratulations and warmest welcome to Rod and Michelle, OPC Franchisees, Peterborough and Debbie and Paul, OPC Franchisees, Suffolk

Glynn and Maureen Richards have also taken over OPC Hereford just under two years after purchasing their initial territory OPC Swansea. We wish them both a very successful future with both these territories in their now experienced hands.

Congratulations Glynn and Maureen, OPC Franchisees for Hereford and Swansea

New Cloud and iPad based system for OPC

OPC are very pleased to announce the launch of the new ConsignPak and FAST operating systems for our UK franchisees.

Following several years of research and development we are delighted that we can now provide a proven web based application to be used on a standard iPad. This replaces the huge administration burden for our franchisees, their retailers and our National Account retailers ensuring an accurate, safe and secure transfer of invoiced data.

In addition, the FAST system will deliver sales data by range to help OPC franchisees analyse the performance of every OPC product display in every retail store. This will easily demonstrate what changes, if any, can be made to the balance of OPC products to ensure the optimum profit generation for both retailers and franchisees.

Although our existing product ranges and service offer deliver outstanding results versus our competitors, this launch provides our franchisees with the greatest opportunity to further improve their results. 

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