A new franchisee and a QFP awardee – it’s a family affair!

12 Aug 2014

The Original Poster Company (OPC) is delighted to announce the addition of another new franchisee to its UK and Irish franchise networks.

OPC welcomed its youngest franchisee in the network, Ryan Cutler who has recently purchased the Bournemouth territory and is off to a great start, supported by his Business Development Manager (BDM) Colin Harris.

Ryan was a successful Sales Administrator for a communications solution provider prior to deciding to pursue growing and developing his own franchise, and we are in no doubt that this decision was not a difficult one given that Ryan’s father, Andrew Cutler is not only OPC’s Sales and Franchise Manager but has also recently become a recipient of the BFA Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) certification.

“The QFP has been specially developed for people working within the franchising industry who want to demonstrate their experience, understanding and ethical approach to franchising. Professional advisors to the industry, franchisor owners, directors, managers and franchisee support staff will all benefit from the learning and recognition that the QFP provides,” states the BFA website, (www.thebfa.org).

Andrew brought a wealth of knowledge of franchising to his role having been both franchisee and franchisor in his career. Now, with his recent QFP qualification and his son becoming an OPC franchisee, Andrew is hoping that these new experiences will provide a unique perspective for him into the OPC network and enhance his franchising expertise so that he can help OPC and all its franchisees continue to experience the rewards of a well-developed franchise system.

As OPC’s franchise network has enjoyed nationwide coverage for the past 20 years, territories are now only available as resales when franchisees retire or move on to new challenges. Resale or existing territories provide income from Day One with stock and customers all in place for you – all you have to do is cultivate what is already there!

To help franchisees achieve this growth at great profit margins whilst keeping overheads low, initial training is provided by OPC with continued ongoing field support from a dedicated BDM.

If you would like to find out more about an OPC resale territory, please call 01932 267300 or email mail@originalposter.com.

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