The benefits of being an OPC Greetings Card Franchisee

31 Mar 2014

We state that for over 20 years, OPC has provided a high level of support for both franchisees and retailers and that we’re also a Full Member of the British Franchise Association (BFA) but what does this mean for a prospective franchisee?

Firstly, being a Full Member of the BFA means OPC not only has to meet all the standards and criteria of membership but we also have to commit to abide by the Rules and various procedures of the Association. Besides also having to demonstrate our proven trading and franchising record, we also have to follow the Code of Ethics as set out by the Association too. But how does OPC substantiate the claim that we provide a high level of support for our franchise network?

That’s easy – our network relies on our highly experienced and dedicated Support Office Team based here in the UK.

Whether you are a brand new franchise owner about to embark on an initial comprehensive training programme or an experienced OPC franchise owner who benefits from ongoing field support, your Support Office team provide you with all the support you need to grow your sales and keep overheads low, whilst achieving great profit margins.

You not only enjoy the benefits of your own exclusive territory but you also have access to independent and branded retailers through the efforts of the OPC Sales Team. This team regularly attend tradeshows and actively network within the industry to ensure OPC remains a well-known and trusted brand.

You will benefit from the services of a dedicated regional Business Development Manager (BDM), who is there to assist you from Day One in all aspects of the franchise, from sales to operations to finance. Their goal is simply to help develop your franchise to its full potential. Each BDM has a vast knowledge of the greeting card and franchise industry and they also have access to a variety of franchisee incentives and development packages to help you achieve your business goals.

“Franchises offer you a safety net and a degree of support so you can get help and support from the franchisor that you simply wouldn’t have if you started up a new business on your own.”
Mark & Tracey Sheldrake, OPC Croydon & OPC South East London

Our talented Production Team conduct regular market research to ensure that we continue to produce popular and wide-offering ranges of quality greeting card, wrap and bag products as well as related items such as customer focussed displays. This ensures that the OPC franchise network provide retailers with the best-selling products and the most attractive, up to date and practical displays to sell them from.

We produce millions of products a year and so we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. So much so, that we were one of the first UK publishers to switch all greeting card board to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited stock. Our envelopes are all FSC accredited paper too.

OPC has embraced technology and is very proud of our bespoke online system, now an integral part of our franchise network and our in-house operation since 2005.

Franchisees are given access to an online extranet consisting of a ordering system with live stock levels, latest news and information, lead management and sales reporting as well as templated documentation and sales tools for use in the franchise. Each franchisee receives a professionally branded email address which is hosted and managed by OPC and can be accessed from many smart devices. All of our technology is available 24/7 and requires no software other than an internet connection. If you can shop online and email family and friends, you can use our business system – it’s that simple.

“The current training and particularly the support are second-to-none, all you need to do is ask for it. There is always someone available to help you if you need them.”
Paul Clarke, OPC Lincoln

Finally, being an Employer of Excellence itself, OPC has partnered with Peninsula Business Services to provide free employment advice, documentation and process guidelines to franchisees wishing to recruit merchandisers in their territory.

With our resales all existing businesses that provide an income from Day One and all this support available with no ongoing royalties or management fees charged, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to join our successful greetings card franchise network?

If you are interested in becoming an OPC franchisee by yourself or with a partner, please visit our Contact page, fill in the simple form or give us a call.

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