Successful couple share their OPC franchise experience

28 Feb 2014

OPC franchisees, Mike and Viv Saunders bought their franchise in 2006 to run as a partnership. Having taken redundancy and early retirement from their teaching careers, they needed to bridge the gap until their retirement. Their Bank Manager advised them that a franchise with OPC would be a good way of securing their lump sums which would appreciate in value as they improved their business, as well as providing them with an income that they could live on in the meantime.

OPC is the world’s leading greeting card distribution franchise, operating in an industry worth over £1.4 billion just in the UK. Established in 1991, OPC’s franchise network has had complete UK coverage for over 20 years and is a full member of the British Franchise Association. In the UK, OPC is a great franchise for those with strong management and customer service skills. Over 90% of OPC’s franchisees surveyed agree that their home-based system gives them the flexibility to enjoy family life.

This was just the thing Mike and Viv were looking for – a job that provided an income but which allowed them flexibility.

“We plan our calls a month in advance and pack our delivery boxes at the start of each week. That way, we begin our week knowing exactly where we will be working and that we are prepared. We load the car every evening so that all we have to do in the morning is jump in and go”, explains Mike. 

Viv continues, “At the end of the day when our calls are done, we make our way home to replace the returned cards into stock and load the car for the next day. No long hour for us! We manage our own time to suit ourselves.”

Although certain times of the year are busy such as Christmas, Mike and Viv are able to adjust the way they work to accommodate this knowing that in quieter time, they can use the flexibility of the franchise to take a weekend break or a short holiday knowing they’re still making money. “Even when we are on the beach, our cards are still selling in the stores and the cash will be waiting for us when we return! With this knowledge, the flexibility, few overheads and no staffing costs, what’s not to like?”

Some of OPC’s franchisees are currently selling their existing territories as they retire or move on to new business opportunities. Mike and Viv are selling their area Birmingham Bromsgrove and although looking forward to their retirement, they will be sad to leave their friends at OPC. “We have enjoyed being part of the professional, friendly team, which values everyone, that is OPC".

The Birmingham/Bromsgrove territory has a good loyal customer base who enjoy the excellent professional service Mike and Viv are so proud of but they both add that there is still plenty of potential for a new, energetic individual or couple.

“We love that every day is different – different size stores from small newsagents to post offices to larger retailers like Nisa Today and Costcutter, different places and people and displays and we just love to be out in the open air - not chained to a desk or a counter,” add Mike and Viv.

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