Experienced franchisees choose OPC for their new endeavour

30 Aug 2013

Paul Whitehouse, his wife, Chris and son, Tom are starting a new endeavour with the
Original Poster Company (OPC) in Birmingham and Coventry. With nearly 20 years’ experience in the franchise industry, they are certainly not new to franchising. So what made them choose OPC?

“After leaving our council jobs, we started a franchise where we were delivering books to workplaces and schools. However, the continuous loading, unloading and lifting of heavy sets of books was wearing us out. So we decided to look at other franchise opportunities that would suit us better.

“Prior to working for the council myself and Chris had operated a greeting card franchise for 12 years. So we knew that it would be something we enjoy doing and started to look at a number of greeting card franchises. OPC stood out as a more successful company than many of their competitors. Their proven track record and the quality of their products really impressed us. Fortunately the Birmingham and Coventry territory was available for resale and we could really see the development potential in the area.

“Our son, Tom, who was involved with the previous business was also keen to be a partner in this business. We now have more family time and Chris can manage the stock side of the business at home, in addition to looking after our grandson on some days,” explains Paul.  

OPC is the world’s leading greeting card distribution franchise, operating in an industry worth over £1.4 billion just in the UK. Established in 1991, OPC’s franchise network has had complete UK coverage for over 20 years and is a full member of the British Franchise Association. OPC is a great franchise for those with strong management and customer service skills. Over 90% of OPC’s franchisees surveyed agree that their home-based system gives them the flexibility to enjoy family life.

Paul, Chris and Tom receive regular on-going field support from a dedicated Business Development Manager (BDM) who provides them with all the support they need to grow their sales and keep overheads low, whilst achieving great profit margins in their territory.

“Dawn, our BDM, was with us for our first two weeks and has been in contact with us regularly since then, either for meetings or by phone. We have run a franchise before so we might not need as much support as others but we know that we can always contact her or the OPC Support Office if we need any help,” adds Paul.

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