How e-cards are affecting greetings card franchises

30 Oct 2012

What impact are companies like Moonpig and Funky Pigeon having on card franchises in the UK?

The greeting cards industry in the UK is one of the most successful greetings card industries in the world with nearly £1.39 billion being spent on single cards in 2011, according to the Greeting Cards Association (GCA). This converts to an average of 31 cards being sent per person each year (GCA), making it a highly attractive industry and demonstrating that business is still good for traditional greetings cards providers like The Original Poster Company (OPC).

So, what does the latest data on online trends indicate?

Even though, on the face of it, there seems to be a trend towards an increasing use of greeting card websites, it is estimated that they still only approx 4% of purchases in the total UK market (GCA).

One of the reasons for this tiny number is that card sending is such an important part of British culture and that many consumers feel that sending a card bought last minute and online seems thoughtless. They feel that a card with an additional hand written message, sent via regular mail, relays an extra effort that shows that they really care about their recipient.

So, it is understandable why franchises like OPC, the world’s leading greeting card distribution franchise, are not concerned that these websites will replace traditional greetings card purchases from retailers. However, despite the minimal threat through card websites, the greetings cards industry continues to focus on creativity and environmental standards to ensure that greetings cards are made as environmentally friendly as possible.

What the experts at OPC say:

OPC was established in 1991 and its franchise network has had complete UK coverage for over 20 years. They understand that listening to their customers reaps its rewards. They immediately reacted to consumer demands about decreasing deforestation and were one of the first UK publishers to switch all greeting card board stock to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited stock in 2007. This means that all OPC greetings cards can be traced back all the way to a well-managed forest.

They are also at the forefront of creative designs due to their dedicated design team, which ensures a wide range of topical designs and messages across all occasions. OPC’s Managing Director Mark Thompson says: “Our customers value the look and feel of our cards and our dedicated design team takes great care when creating interesting and innovative cards that send that all important message at each special occasion. “

OPC’s franchise allows the freedom to work from home giving you the flexibility to enjoy a better work/life balance. Some franchisees are now selling their existing territories as they retire or move on to new business opportunities, creating huge potential for new owners to step in. With an OPC resale franchise you have the full support of training, systems, national accounts, popular products and an income from day one!

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